Consolidated Salvage Inc. has proudly provided claim solutions and services for the insurance industry in every state and six countries around the globe. Our officers have contributed over seventy years of trusted professional service to the claims industry and our creative solutions resolving difficult claims have set a precedence.  Our salvage recovery experts specialize in commercial property claims, refrigerated cargo, heavy equipment, rail, aviation, metals, and marine salvage services. CSI has developed a database providing adjusters the ability to track and retrieve documents in all aspects of their claims.

Our services or offered nationwide, financial strength and a full complement of insurance coverage’s allows CSI to work in any environment at any capacity. Our mission is the service of our clients and providing superior results. Serving the commercial property insurance industry through adjusters, risk managers and attorneys, our firm provides the most unique and comprehensive services in the industry.

CSI team of experts offers nationwide inspections on commercial, property, cargo, rail intermodal, air and maritime claims. In most circumstances one of our professional staff members will be on site within a few hours. Our salvors will evaluate, photograph and document the degree of damage as well as recommend arrangements for the disposition. Rapidly stabilizing a tense situation directly affects the asset’s final disposition and is ultimately the bottom line of the salvage proceeds.   We stand ready to immediately  attend emergency situations that may occur, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires, highway accidents, derailments, seal breaches, temperature abuse situations, and refusals by consignees.  We can also perform rejected cargo inspections and proofs of delivery.

We provide these services quickly and reliably, we have inspectors in most large cities in the United States and Canada.  Our staff is composed of experienced professional freight inspectors and seasoned specialized property claim investigators.

Our salvage recovery experts have knowledge and  expertise to provide our services at any time  in any situation.

    •  Emergency protection.
    • Segregation of damaged stock.
    • Inventory preparation and/or verification.
    • Compliance of federal and state regulations.
    • Disposition of damaged stock.
    • Reporting of loss activity.

CSI offers a large network of buyers worldwide for all types of a more specialized market type salvage which may include refrigerated, perishable, frozen goods, and specialized equipment.

CSI will address any emergency measures to stabilize the condition of the stock.

CSI is willing to work and discuss with you alternative sale methods in some cases to determine the best method of sale to maximize your return.

CSI will comply with any and label restrictions in regards to the disposition of the stock.