The vast opportunities of the internet have modified the rules of the salvage industry. Our salvage recovery specialists at CSI have only one goal: to maximize the highest return possible for each salvage assignment. By using e-commerce, we are expanding from a small group of localized retail buyers into a motivated nationwide market. Buyers can place bids instantaneously from around the world at no risk to the insurer. CSI will assume all risk and receive a preset commission only after the final sale. Once the adjuster submits claim information, CSI will do the rest.

  • In all aspects of claim services, CSI coordinates with federal and state officials and other regulatory personnel to ensure compliance with the laws of the state.
  • We recover boats, ATV’s, campers, etc. in any location working with wreckers and police impounds. Our salvor will attend property and court hearings on behalf of the insurance carrier to reduce and eliminate fees and charges.