Cargo Services

  • Consolidated Salvage, Inc. offers nationwide cargo salvage recovery, sales, inspections & security of stock.

Commercial Lines Claims

  • Consolidated Salvage, Inc. offers nationwide physical & forensic¬†inventories, salvage recovery & sales, inspections & appraisals, value verifications, mitigation services and subrogation services.

Pack Out Services

  • Consolidated Salvage, Inc. offers nationwide pack out services.¬† Properly packing and relocating your assets to a temporary, secure facility protects them from theft, vandalism or further damage.

Debris Removal Services

  • Consolidated Salvage, Inc. offers complete debris removal for interior and exterior claims, including the removal of all damaged and destroyed content and property.

Inventory Services

  • Consolidated Salvage, Inc. provides physical, joint, and forensic inventories, no matter the obstacle.

Inspection Services

  • Consolidated Salvage, Inc. offers nationwide inspections on commercial property, cargo, rail, intermodal, air, and maritime claims.


  • Consolidated Salvage, Inc. provides prompt container removal service and state-of-the-art processing at our location or on-site.

Salvage Recovery

  • Consolidated Salvage, Inc. provides full evaluation and/or inventory of assets by stabilizing their condition and jointly determining the best possible method of maximizing the return on salvage contents.

Specialty Lines

  • Consolidated Salvage, Inc. recovers boats, ATVs, campers, etc. in any location working with wreckers and police impounds.¬† Our salvor will attend property and court hearings on behalf of the insurance carrier to reduce and eliminate fees and charges.


  • Consolidated Salvage, Inc. works alongside our in-house counsel, Lloyd Ward & Associates PC, a team of experienced lawyers who are leaders in the subrogation field.