CSI offers nationwide inspections on commercial property, cargo, rail, intermodal, air, and maritime claims. In most circumstances, one of our salvors will be on-site within a few hours. Our salvors will evaluate, photograph, and document degrees of damage, as well as recommend arrangements for the disposition. Rapidly stabilizing a tense situation directly affects the asset’s final disposition and is ultimately the bottom line of the salvage.

Claims involving temperature-sensitive cargo will be our top priority and we will respond to your needs 24/7. We pulp products to determine their temperatures at the time of inspection. We check the equipment to be certain that the refrigeration units are operating properly, the required temperature settings have been correctly programmed, and the air chutes are correctly installed. We will confirm that the circulation of air in the trailer or rail car is not impeded by floor-loading, tight packing, or cargo loaded above the “red line”. We can, if you require, procure samples of the products and submit them to certified food testing laboratories for organic, quality, purity or microbiological testing.